Neha Khanna, Skin Care Guru, passionate about her work, aims at making people look beautiful. An aesthetian by profession, trained on the most high- end brands from UK, Canada, Germany and France, brings the best of skin care needs.

Neha’s A-list skincare philosophy is that’ less is more’. She believes in keeping things as simple as possible, and not overloading the skin. She says: You don't need a lot but a right product to get great results.

Neha owned her clinic in London’s most prestigious location at Knightsbridge where her clients list included names like: Geri Hanawal , Jade Jagger, renowned footballers wives and the Cream de La Cream of London.

She now brings her expertise to India.

With her international experience Neha brings some of the most trusted and sort after treatments that celebs swear by like Organic skin peels, Permanent make up, and most Exotic facials which will give you the essence of luxury and are a class apart.

Both Megha and Neha are in the process of opening a high-end boutique style studio, in the most up scaled neighborhoods of Delhi, that will cater to all the skin care and high definition make-up needs.