Megha Khanna is a new generation celebrity makeover artist been trained and experienced in High definition makeup and airbrush technique from Paris and US. Having worked with and assisting some of the renowned makeup artist and legends of the industry, Megha has mastered the art of make over and giving new dimension to the designing of makeup therefore she’s known as ‘Makeup designer’.

For Megha, makeup is not just profession, it is passion for her when she’s with her brushes and tools. She has been playing and working with her brushes for more than 10 years now.

Along with giving way to her passion, she has worked as business consultant for accompanies in India. She acted as a medium between companies from US and UK, outsourcing business to India. She also worked as Director, International Sales for one of the largest publishers in the world, Scholastic Inc.

She is a traveler and has extensively traveled the world from US to UK to Euope and Australia, bringing the best from across the seas to enhance her passion of being a makeup artist.

A feather to hat is that she is a member of prestigious MAC Pro team and is proud of carrying in her wallet the International MAC Pro card; used by professionals worldwide.

For her, the idea of makeup is enhancing and defining your facial assets and keeping to bare minimum. Keeping it close to natural is the mantra. Too much is too bad.

Both Megha and Neha are in the process of opening a high-end boutique style studio, in the most up scaled neighborhoods of Delhi, that will cater to all the skin care and high definition make-up needs.