Megha & Neha is one of the very few breeds of make-up artists across the city that has given a new dimension to the concept of makeovers. They offer services that encapsulate the moods of various age groups of women. During their stint in a patron base ranging from the likes of Geri Hanawal, Jade Jagger, etc. Megha & Neha have worked on the finer nuances of the various genres that have a distinct flair for the new age make-up house/studio.

Megha & Neha Khanna’s philosophy in life is to keep things simple and minimal. According to them, “Women deserve the best in life. Keeping this motto as our prelude, we want to create a concept studio where nothing but the best is offered. We want to bring a revolution in makeup and skin care.”

Having been associated with high end places like Urban Retreat at Harrods London and MAC Pro, both Megha & Neha specialize in the new age makeup. For e.g. Airbrush, High Definition, concept make-up in Bridal and Hi- Fashion along with makeovers. They will also offer high- end skin care treatments like Green-Peel and Caviar rituals that are hot favorites of most international celebs. Neha terms them as ‘Red carpet secrets’.